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Matteo Maglietti

Producer and CEO

Matteo Maglietti was born in the Siena region of Tuscany in 1989. At 14 he became interested in audiovisual and cinematographic production, following courses in editing and direction, and producing a few amateur short movies. After high school, he attended the University of Florence, graduating in modern and contemporary history. In 2015 he started to collaborate with Matteo dell’Angelo, cofounding Palzom Films. He specializes management and production and produces various international projects, including institutional and corporate videos and documentaries.

The projects he produced have won awards in such festivals as the New York Festivals Advertising Awards, the Wallachia International Film Festival, and the Global Film Festival Awards. He manages both the executive and the artistic production of the projects he is involved in, and his background in humanistic sciences and training in other fields of audiovisual production have given him a broad perspective on all aspects of the creative and productive process.