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Soledad Suarez

Archive Manager and Editor

Soledad Suárez was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied video editing in Rome, Italy, in 2005 and continued to study editing, filmmaking, and visual arts at the New School and at the Greenfield Community College in USA and at the CIEVYC School of Buenos Aires. She worked as associate producer and editor assistant at Zohe Films in New York for the film “My Reincarnation” by Jennifer Fox. She later collaborated on several videos and documentaries and worked with the Shang Shung Institute of America as camera and editor assistant for the on demand and live streaming of the Tibetan Medicine School and as digitalization manager of their video archive.

During her carrier, she has worked as an editor on different projects such as the social media video campaign of Shang Shung Publications, “What Does Khaita Mean,” “Evolution at Dzamling Gar,” “Subiaco, 40 years of Teachings,” “Dzogchen Teachings in Buckland,” “Tsegyalgar, Remembering the Future,” “Vairocana’s 108 Yantra Yoga Movements,” and “Historias de Tashigar Sur.” She has worked as editor and archive manager with Palzom Films since 2016.