Starting from the Tibetan tradition of Yantra Yoga and other related disciplines, Evolve is an application that aims to spread these techniques and this knowledge for a collective well-being.

Born from the collaboration between Palzom Films, M° Fabio Andrico and the development company Vergani & Gasco, and with the contribution of the Italian Buddhist Union, Evolve is not a simple application. It was born with the union between the ancient techniques of Tibetan Yoga and the Respira methodology of the master Fabio Andrico and aims to make the user who benefits from it and the community that will join in the use of the application reach a profound personal and collective well-being. . Evolve is an application structured in more than 200 exercises and many training sessions with many types of ad hoc training for all types of physical preparation, age, gender and objectives. Each user can set the type of training that suits him best, favoring the improvement of his psycho-physical state and contributing to the well-being of the entire community